So Blessed!

We want you to know how fortunate and blessed we feel about making the “Leap of faith” decision to have you build our final home (we hope!) which started with a conversation we had with Sue McFadden who recommended that we reach out to you. We are so fortunate that we did. We could not be more happy with everything you have done – your attention to detail, the level of quality you bring into every aspect of building a home, your perfectionist attitude to things and your overall flexibility (and patience!) working with us. For many reasons (most had nothing to do with the building of this home!), we have been through one of the most stressful periods of our lives going through series of family tragedies that were just unrelenting as well as dealing with the stress of selling our home with the the one very bright spot of our lives during this time period was working with you and seeing our beautiful new home spring up (no pun intended!). We will forever be grateful to you and give thanks that our path crossed yours in this way. We are very happy that you have so much work these days (you deserve it) but we will always be an active marketer of you to all we encounter encouraging all that if one wants their new home built right, contact Chris Naso.